Is marijuana a new, healthier alternative to Coffee? 

We think so! There are carefully crafted Marijuana strains which boost attention, dopamine and focus! Caffeine can sometimes be a harmful chemical. It dehydrates you, stains your teeth, and is bitter to taste! 

Why not replace your morning coffee with a few tokes from your vape or perhaps an edible? Although smoking dry herb by combustion can have harmful effects on your lungs, vaporization or edibles are harm free!

Caffeine interacts primarily with adenosine receptors (ARs) in the brain, “It elicits its stimulating effects primary by virtue of its interactions with the AR: A1 and A2A receptors have been implicated to play more important roles.

It only binds to the A2B at high doses, and the A3 receptor is insensitive to caffeine.

By this mechanism, it primarily alters neural activities to influence mental activities and performance, resulting in increased mental alertness and wakefulness,” explains Owolabi et al who published a study on the effects of caffeine and cannabis in the brain tissue of juvenile rats. 

Side effects of high doses of caffeine consist of diarrhea, dizziness, blurred vision, fast heartbeat, nausea, stomach ache, vomiting, anxious feeling, shakiness, and irritability.

Many of these side effects are experienced in caffeine withdrawal. Caffeine in very high doses (between 3,200 milligrams and 10,000 milligrams at one time) can even lead to death.