vaping in hong kong

How Did Vaping Become Trendy?

Are e-cigarettes dying out?

When Fan Bing Bing started vaping, the Chinese people began to follow.

They dropped their cigarettes and started to pick up vaping.

Fans want to emulate celebrities.

Not even fans, but regular people who have no interest in pop culture eventually end up emulating trendy people around them.

No wonder why pop culture has overriding influence on our preferences and way of life.

Celebrities indirectly influences those who aren’t interested in celebrity fandom.

Also, the mod-able feature of vaping is incredibly appealing to tech-savvy folks in China.

It’s a new niche hobby for the Chinese vaping culture.

Anyone hooked on electronics (like drones, GoPros, and building computers) and embrace gadgets will prefer vaping instead of traditional cigarettes or even e-cigarettes.

Smoking essentially is catching up with modern 21st century technology.

Vape mods are easy to use, user-friendly and provides users with consistent, optimal tobacco experience – with flavors.

China is experiencing a sharp drop in tobacco smoking.

Even those who don’t like smoking are on board with vaping. It’s healthier so what’s the harm?

Well, the WHO isn’t exactly too sure if vaping is healthy per say.

Not vaping is healthier to your body, but against traditional cigarettes, it is no doubt vaping is a healthier alternative.

More tobacco users need to switch to vaping e-liquids.

It’s a step in the right direction.


What Is The Big Deal About Vaping?

People are going to think twice if the technology can’t keep up properly.

As great as vaping is, there are obvious downsides and upsides.

Let’s address the positives first.

Vaping is splurge worthy and in fact, super affordable.

In North America, a basic vaping kit will run you around US$50.

That’s super affordable for a long time use.

You just need to keep buying more e-liquids.


vaping in hong kong


Compared to smoking traditional cigarettes, you would save around US$2,000 depending on how much you smoke a day.

If you smoke a carton a day, expect to save more.

Looking at that figure, it would be difficult for smokers to not be enticed to switch over.

Especially for younger smokers who are on a tight budget, but wishes to smoke.

One another big differentiating factor about vaping is its flavor.

There are many different flavors in thousands of different combinations.

You can even mix CBD concentrates to consume CBD.

Not to mention, vape kits are very discreet – similar to a size of a cigarette carton.

Depending on the high-voltage, you can even control the amount of vaping clouds.



Want to stay more low profile?

No problem.

Dry herb or cannabis vaping is gaining a big momentum because of this fact as well.

The convenience is overriding.

You can charge vaping devices with a USB drive or even a pen.

Very easy to sneak it inside anywhere, everywhere.

Not to mention, vapors from vaping do not smell bad.


Alexander Xiao Meun – is a recent graduate aspiring to join China’s growing vaping industry. He hopes Shanghai and the rest of first tier Chinese cities will adopt policies to curb smoking cigarettes and provide regulatory freedom for the vaping market. He hopes to be part of the push.