Vaping In China: The Vape Asian Nation

vaping in china

What up, everyone?

vaping in taiwan

The modern Chinese culture that is expanding ever so fast.

Are you planning to attend a party in China?

What about a night club?

You will see smokers crowded around everywhere.

Smoking isn’t experiencing a downfall like here in North America.

People are very conscious of the dangers associated with smoking, but they can’t help it. Even though CBD vape pens and cannabis vapes are becoming more popular…

“In that case, smoking itself had to change.” 

– Jinhuo Liu, Marketing Manager of Chinese Tobacco International

CBD Pen are becoming more and more popular in convenient stores.

A healthier alternative.

You know what Liu told us in our interview?

China is responsible for manufacturing over 40% of the world’s total tobaccos.

This is a big economic success story for a few.

But, a public health disaster for many.

Slowly, it is moving towards oil vape pens, and vape oil starter kits.

This way, the economic success can continue, but without harmful smoke.

Not to mention, heard of second-hand smoking?

China‘s home to 500 m-i-l-l-i-o-n smokers – the largest in the world thanks to its big population.

That’s more than the entire population of Untied States of America.

You know what?

China generates more state-income from tobacco sales.

Cigarettes aren’t just nicotine addictive to the Chinese.

It’s part of the culture.

Is it time to move the culture towards healthier alternatives? CBD and Cannabis vaporizers to name a few.

And, the Chinese government isn’t too interested in doing anything about it.

Smoking has pervasive health effects for even non-smokers.

Around a million smokers in China die prematurely from smoking-related diseases annually.

A linear upward trend of smoking and smoking culture in China is gaining attention of the Chinese government.

With the rise of cancer rates, it is worth mentioning CBD can help tremendously. CBD capsules and tincture oils are very popular around the world.

Coupled with the air pollution problem China has been grappling with, tobacco-related sickness can be exacerbated very quickly for the regular Chinese folk in mainland, especially in heavily polluted cities like Beijing.

Chinese people offer cigarettes as courtesy.


Indeed, China has its own tobacco culture that is very different from that of the West. In the west, cannabis culture is also pervasive.

China needs to learn from the west and replace the cigarettes with vaporizer oils and vape juices.

Do you ever see people handing out cigarettes to each other in North America, Europe or even elsewhere in Asia?

In the United States, people here share cigarettes because they want to calm down their nerves or to form a bond with their folks.

Cigarettes are more casually shared in China.

Really, it’s about good manners.

It’s courtesy.

It’s a little out of the world to think you have to hand your boss a carton of cigarette out of respect.

But, that’s how Chinese tobacco culture has been since its introduction two centuries ago.


Welcome to the new culture of tobacco in China.

The case is the same for Hong Kong and Taiwan as well.

But, vaping gave birth to some noteworthy, sassy events in China.

A Boeing 737 flight from Hong Kong to Shenzhen had to drop more than 19,300 feet due to an unexpected loss of cabin pressure in the jumbo jet.

This wasn’t typical – at all.

Chinese aviation authority has concluded that it was due to one of the Chinese East Airline pilots vaping in the cockpit.

Chinese aviation authority this February ordered Chinese East Airline to conduct a 6 month review about its vaping policy on board.

“The aviation scandal unfolded when one of the Chinese East Airline pilots vaped and tried to turn off a fan to stop his smoke reaching the passenger cabin. But, instead, he turned off the AC unit. This unfortunately caused a drop in the cabin’s oxygen levels. .” 

– Bing Lao Fang, Investigator at the Chinese Aviation Authority

The Chinese government is pushing to lower tobacco use.

That’s for sure, no doubt about that.

They should push tobacco alternatives such as oils and vaping, cannabis is much less harmful than tobacco.

And, vaping is the key to helping people quit smoking.

Vaping is essentially a more convenient, and perhaps…

A much healthier alternative to tobacco use.

Indeed, vaping culture in China and elsewhere has grown quite significantly over the past few years.

Ever since smoking has been associated with “bad health.”

Vaping no doubt is witnessing a linear upward trend, at least in the long-run, whereas tobacco-use is seeing a downfall.

Experts suspect vaping will grossly replace smoking very soon in mainland China.

In fact, some Chinese cigarette manufacturers are divesting from tobacco manufacturing and investing more into vaping equipment and e-liquids.

They are recognizing the change of trend and adapting to the vaping culture.

It’s over for tobacco culture in China, it’s just a matter of time folks.

See, but compared to the West where vaping enjoyed a big boom in the early 2010’s, China is just starting.

Vaping was introduced to mainland China not so long ago, around 2015.

“We are noticing a change of business in the tobacco industry in China. We are slowly adopting to the new vaping culture.” 

– Yi-shin Bao, Worker at Chinese Tobacco International

Similar to your premium electronic brands, Chinese vaping brands are working towards going global, properly seizing to maximize profit from this upward trend of vaping.

The Chinese government paid very little attention to the new and rising vaping culture, so it was difficult to see any regulations being introduced on vaping itself.


However, it is expected that as Chinese people pour more money into vaping, it is only a matter of time until the Chinese government conducts a regulatory oversight over the sales and manufacturing of vapes and e-liquids.

“The licensing official looked confused. He asked me what I am selling. Tobacco products or electronics?’

– Lin Fing-Shi, Vaping Store Business Owner


Another important thing perhaps it the death of e-cigarettes.

The term is reserved for an equipment that is reminiscent of cigarettes, but the smoke vapor is similar to that of vaping.

E-cigarettes are sold in regular convenience stores and is packaged with per-filled cartridges of e-liquid.

Some have flavor options. These products are disposable.

They are super convenient for on-the go, but incredibly harmful for the environment.

You shouldn’t be confused with e-cigarettes and vaping.

vaping in china

There are vaporizers for e-liquids, and there are vaporizers – these are customizable, mod-able, and more pricey.

Want to learn more about these topics? Head over to Blaze4Days for more info.

Good thing is. Instead of replacing cartridges every month or so, you pour a fresh batch of e-liquid into the device’s replaceable cartridge.

E-cigarettes are a dying product.


Similar to how traditional smoking was viewed as being hip and rebellious historically, the same marketing tactics are being employed on selling vaping products.

Vaping culture is just starting in China and across the globe.

We can’t wait to see what Chinese vaping culture will introduce in the years to come.

Stay tuned folks.

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