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The Horrors Of

If you knew all the harmful, distaseful, and HARMFUL SIDE EFFECTS of TANNIC ACID in your coffee, you would be the first to jump on the low acid band wagon.

Harmful Side Effects
Heart burn, indigestion, and acid reflux is caused by TANNIC ACID
Ulcers are caused by TANNIC ACID.
TANNIC ACID is large doses can cause cancer in animals.
TANNIC ACID interferes with human nutrition.
TANNIC ACID can cause growth and intestinal damage, stain teeth, and it interacts with a wide range of medications, reducing their effectiness.
TANNIC ACID is harmful to body tissues.
TANNIC ACID is known to combine with proteins and make them less available to the body and they inhibit the absorbtion of calcium and the B vitamins.
Distasteful Side Effects of TANNIC ACID
Stained Teeth
Stained Cups
The bitter taste of coffee (Cream and sugar used to hide the bitterness)
Rancid Taste of coffee
Nasty looking oil slick on top of coffee
Sharp biting taste of coffee
The Costly Side Affects of TANNIC ACID
Causes a break down in coffee - Short Pot Life - Acid neutralized coffee can stay fresh for days.
Doctor visits, hospital visits, and prescriptions

It is the TANNIC ACID not the Caffeine that brings out the sharp, bitter taste in coffee and produces that nasty looking oil slick on top of coffee.

Heart Burn Got ya Down? Enjoy Low Acid Coffee! Any Brand, Your Brand, Anytime, Any Place!