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How we are Different
How we are Different


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Our product is as unique as COCA-COLA is to their field. It CANNOT be duplicated.

Our Product has been sold continuously around the world since 1867, Introduced in the United States in 1951. Our Product is a proven product that is being sold institutionally in 50 states and is presently being used in Hospitals, Nursing homes, Restaurants, and Factories. From there making it into family homes where there is a serious number of people suffering from Acid Reflux, Indigestion, Heart Burn, and other numerous aliments caused by coffee acid, Tannic Acid.

Our product has been found to provide a major benefit to consumers with acid reflux, heart burn, and GERD.

Our product and coffee match so well that besides lowering the acid content and enhancing the coffee flavour and body. It can also substitute for part of the coffee. Laboratory tests have proven that specific coffee taste components are present in our all natural product.

Heart Burn Got ya Down? Enjoy Low Acid Coffee!