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Frequently Asked Questions

Ever since buismans has been introduced to the public we have been swamped with questions, here is the most common but definately don't forget that if you have a question not answered here use our Contact Us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  1. How does it work?
  2. The product grabs the acid in coffee and binds it to it so the acid will not attack your stomach. It then will keep the acid bound to it harmlessly until excretion.
  3. How is it used?
  4. There are 3 different ways you can use Buisman's. The First way to use it is to add it to ground coffee before brewing and mix it in extremely well. The ratio to mix it depends on your taste but the normal mix is 2 measuring tablespoons of our product to 1lb of ground coffee. The Second way you can use it is to add about 1/2 teaspoon on top of your grinds before brewing. The third way is to add it to premade coffee, (Starbucks, McDonalds, Airplane, or Restaurants) and stir it in to the hot coffee. You would want to use 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of the product.
  5. Will this work with other products besides coffee and tea?
  6. Since this is a Acid Binder, you can turn it into a liquid by adding it to boiling hot water then carry the liquid in an eyedropper to be added to cold beverages, such as red wine.
  7. Are there any other benefits to using this product?
  8. As a matter of fact, Yes. This product when added to coffee and run through the brewing process acts like a surficant, which means it makes the water wetter allowing it to extract more coffee flavor from the same amount of coffee. So, this could allow you to save money on your coffee purchases by using less coffee and making a better mellower cup of coffee.
  9. Can I use it in my expresso?
  10. Yes, you can mix it into your expresso grind before brewing or put a pinch on top and we are told you could get the essence of a double shot of expresso out of a single shot load all, while neutralizing the acid and protecting your stomach.
  11. Will it work in low acid coffee?
  12. Yes, it will. What it does is it will attract or neutralize the acids that are left in the low acid coffee to it, instead of to your stomach lining.
  13. What will Buismans do to the taste of my coffee?
  14. It Improves it, it has no taste of its own. All the taste comes from the coffee your using, but because Buismans filters out the bitterness and enhances the flavor, every pot of coffee you brew tastes better.
  15. Has there been any allergic reactions to your product?
  16. Since it is an all natural product made from potatoes, even people with allergic reactions to potatoes have not had a reaction to it.
  17. Why haven't we heard about a product this amazing until now?
  18. This product has been made in the netherlands since 1867. It has been used the world over. It was introduced to the United States in 1951 and has been used in Commercial, Institutional, Nursing homes, hospitals, factories, coffee packagers, restaurants, prisons, drug rehabs, and the armed forces. Until roughly 1999 it only came in bulk quantities, now it comes in 1lb and 100g packages for comsumer use. We can also, provide any size amount for commercial use or any other needs.
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